Stripping, Sealing & Polishing of Wooden School Hall Flooring

Correct Daily, Annual and Triennial  maintenance of 

wooden hall flooring will save money by making sure the actual wooden floor and the seal lasts longer.

Using something like a static mop daily to remove grit and dirt deposits will stop the protective layers of Polish and Seal from being damaged. 

Regular mopping using a Maintainer in the cleaning water will keep the gloss finish longer. Never use harsh cleaning products on polished flooring


The floor is stripped using a stripping solution. It is then keyed with a fine sandpaper

During Refurbishment the floor is buffed between coats of polish

Wet Look Floor Polish Applied.

With correct maintenance this look will last for some time

Stripping, Sealing & Polishing of Wooden Hall

flooring is best carried out from March through

to September to avoid the damp winter months.

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